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Joseph V. Quevedo
Patient Testimonials

Awesome is how I would describe my experience at your office.  Though no one wants to have a root canal done, it was a relatively pain-free experience to have it done.  Dr. Quevedo and the staff are excellent and told me what to expect all along the way.  They were very caring and concerned that I feel as limited amount of pain as possible during the procedure and that is exactly what happened.  I would highly recommend your office to anyone who needs to have a root canal done.  Thank you very much!

Greg (patient)

Wow ....root canals surely have gotten a bad rap!  This was a painless procedure from start to finish with wonderful care, attention and information about the procedure.  Dr. Quevedo and his staff were fabulous; very helpful to get me into care right away and reassuring during the procedure.  Thanks so much....I''ll be back to see you all next time around!

Cynthia (patient)

Nobody wants a root canal but if you need one Dr. Quevedo and his team is the place to go.  I have had four root canals in my life in preparation of obtaining a crown. I have seen Dr Quevedo three of the four times and he is my number one recommendation!  He is very mindful of his patient''s discomfort and takes every opportunity to keep the visit pain free.

Alex (patient)

Thank you for your patience, kindness and wonderfull professional competence and care. I deeply appreciate your help and the help of your fine staff. You can be sure if I know of anyone who needs a root canal in the future, I shall be more than happy to recommend you to them.

Anne (patient)

Thank you for your kindness during my root canal last week. I really appreciate the care you gave me.  You made me feel at home and much more comfortable. I am smiling again!

Tammy (patient)

Thanks to all of you  for the quiality of care and treatment I received.  I would not hesitate to use your services again, if the need arises.

Liz (patient)

Welcome to Quevedo Endodontics & Implantology



20 Hagen Drive, Suite 310, Rochester, NY 14625

Our primary goal is to provide all patients referred to our office with compassion and the best endodontic care available.  This begins the moment the patient calls or walks into our office and ends when the patient no longer requires our services.  We seek to raise the patient's awareness about endodontic and implant care.  As a result, we develop enthusiastic patients who become advocates for our office and return for additional treatment because they view our office as a place they trust.

Practice Profile

Our office is known for its commitment to excellence.  We use the latest technology, including endodontic microscopes, digital radiography, CBCT imaging and TDO software.

We are the exclusive dental office in Western New York to use the Zeiss PROergo microscope, which allows visualization of even the most minute details and finest structures, enabling Dr. Quevedo and Dr. DiPalma to enhance the quality of their diagnosis and treatment. The Zeiss PROergo microscope as integrates digital photography to better demonstrate the recommended treatment plan.

Microscope Guided Implant Surgery- Dr. Quevedo and Dr. DiPalma utilize the Zeiss PROErgo microscope for precisoin placement and treatment of dental implants.

We also utilize digital radiography which significantly reduces radiation exposure to our patients and can can be viewed on monitors in each treatment room.

Utilizing The Digital Office (TDO) program, we have converted to digital record keeping and use the Internet for the convenience of our patients and referring doctors.  We encourage you to pre-register at this web site to save time when you arrive at our office for your appointment.  It is simple to use.  Please call our office for instructions at 585-248-2200.

In striving to provide the highest quality endodontic and implant care for your patients, we have invested in world class technology.  We have designed our new office for optimum efficiency, while still focusing on quality care and the comfort of our patients.  Our schedule has been designed to provide both sufficient time to treat most patients in one visit and to provide emergency slots each day to take care of patients who are in immediate need of treatment.  On many occasions, we are able to complete treatment for emergency patients on the same day that they call.  

CBCT is used as a diagnostic tool

A CBCT scan- also called a "dental cat scan" or formally, a cone beam computerized tomography- is an x-ray technique that is similar to medical CT scans but with significantly much less radiation. The CBCT scan produces images of your mouth that depict internal structures in cross section rather than the overlapping images typically produced by conventional X-ray exams.

A conventional X-ray of your mouth limits your dentist to a two dimensional (2D) view. Diagnosis and treatment planning can require a more complete understanding of a complex 3D anatomy. By way of example, a CBCT scan can provide significant 3D information which may be used by Dr. Quevedo in assessing your condition, when planning for treatment. CBCT scans are also useful in looking at and potentially diagnosing conditions which can be missed on a conventional x-ray. The CBCT scan can enhance Dr. Quevedo's ability to see what he needs to see before treatment is started.

20 Hagen Drive, Suite 310
Rochester, NY 14625